Changing the culture of Golf Coaching

The rules of the game are to get the ball in the hole in as little strokes as possible, but the purpose of why you play the game is for you to decide.

What is the game of golf about for you?
Why do you play this wonderful game?
Fun, relaxation, exercise, social, a sense of mastery, the challenge?

What is Authentic for you?

Authentic Golf coaching focuses on providing you with the tools to become your own golf coach, it provides you with an environment free from judgement and evaluation, a safe place for you to experience your own golf swing through exploration and discovery.

How would you like to play golf with freedom, without an endless list of instructions in your head?

Authentic Golf is dedicated to changing the culture of golf coaching from one of tips, and fixing faults to one of experiencing learning, self-discovery and creativity.

Book a lesson today and discover that there is another choice.

Simon Page Head coach and founder of Authentic Golf Coaching

Our coaches

Simon Page
Simon Page - Coach
1992 PGA Qualified (UK), 2020 Class A + Advanced PGA Professional with Norwegian PGA, 2008 TPI Level 1, 2 & 3 Junior Coach 2010 Extraordinary Golf Coach, Haga Gk 2006- 2010 Ballerud Gk 2010 - 2021, Kongsberg Gk 2020 - 2021, Asker Gk Since 2019. Hauger Gk 2022.